Wine Courses

If you want to learn about wine, Sommeliers Academy has a modular program that will take you from beginner to expert in your own time.
Each of our wine courses can be taken independently, or as part of the sommelier pathway.
Every level teaches appropriate knowledge for each service module.

Wine Service Courses

We design our courses as separate modules around a clear career progression path with certification at each new step.
This allows students to accomplish their goals and become the best they can be.
From beginner to experienced sommelier, reach a higher level of recognised qualification with each examination passed.

Beverage Service Courses

A Sommelier should have a broad knowledge of all beverages from all corners of the world.
Expand your product and service knowledge beyond just wine.
Be the best you can be and exceed your guest’s expectations. 

Online Courses

Designed with the same rigor and quality as our on-campus offerings.
Our modules provide flexible learning opportunities for aspiring sommeliers and wine enthusiasts alike.
The course links below will take you directly to our Sommeliers Academy Online Portal where the courses are hosted.

Orientation Assessment

The First Steps in Your Wine Journey

SA Wine Level 1

Discover the Essentials of SA Wine Online

Wine Ambassador

Master Wine Service. Level Up Your Career