Beer Ambassador


Welcome to our full-day workshop designed to equip candidates with a solid foundational knowledge of beer and the skills necessary to enhance the sales and service of beer within the hospitality industry. This workshop is specifically tailored for waitstaff and floor managers operating within the premium segment of the on-trade market. Our goal is to empower candidates to add value, elevate the reputation of beer, and enhance the overall customer experience in upscale restaurant and bar settings.

This course is dedicated to building confidence, improving efficiency, and elevating customer service standards. It focuses on developing the soft skills essential for optimizing beer service and meeting patron expectations. Through a combination of lectures, role-playing exercises, and practical case studies, students will learn the art of proper beer presentation and service, glassware and temperature management, food pairing, and effectively addressing client expectations. To validate these skills, an examination will be conducted at the conclusion of this comprehensive one-day learning experience.