SA & International Wines Level II


Course information
This wine course is designed to build upon your existing knowledge and focus on the world of South African wines within a global context. Throughout a series of lectures, you will delve into the intricacies of grape cultivation and how the winemaking process can significantly influence the final product. Starting with South African wines, this course will then take you on a journey to explore key wine regions worldwide, their unique climates, and the grape varieties they’re known for. You’ll have the opportunity to compare South African wines, their regions, and grape varieties to those from other countries through wine tasting exercises. At the conclusion of the course, your understanding and learning will be evaluated through an examination. Join us on this exciting wine exploration adventure! This course covers the competencies necessary to successfully pass the SASA Junior Sommelier theoretical exam.
Course Pre-requisites
Candidates are required to have already passed either the SA Wine Level 1, CWA SA Wine, WSET 1, or an equivalent qualification. If candidates do not have these qualifications, they can take our orientation exam to determine the appropriate level of training or to validate their prior experience.Please note that our courses are conducted in English, so candidates should have a good grasp of both spoken and written English.

This course can be offered on LIVE distant learning, the wine samples and manuals are sent to the candidate by courier, for the same price.

Duration: Two Full Days at our Cape Town Campus